Dead Rivals: Zombie MMO

Dead Rivals is a new game for me and in fact for Android as well, the developer notes say that it was only released on 11 April 2018.

That’s already a huge positive. If you download it now, you become an early adopter and if you know anything about MMO’s, it’s that the earlier you start from the release date. The better your entire experience becomes.

**MMO’s are sort of like the high school lunch yard. There’s always the popular person in every crew. Starting an MMO early is sort of like that. You gain a lot of friends and people that wanna hang out with you. People envy your items or high level and best of all, other cool people let you slide into their circles (sounds wrong but you get the ‘point’).**

My level 50 Brawler ­čśë

I’ve played it for about 2 weeks now guys and here’s my understanding. You basically enter a world overrun by zombies and your mission is to stabilise the shelter and assist NPC’s with whatever missions required (that obviously ensure everyone’s ultimate survival).

Now, usually these missions are outside of the safe confines of the shelter i.e. where all the zombies AND other non-friendly human factions are so get ready to kick decaying butt.

I must admit it’s a pretty sick concept for an MMO on mobile. Also, well executed. I was pleasantly surprised for many reasons.


Dead Rivals is created by the developers at Gameloft. Gameloft is actually a pretty big player in the mobile game development industry. It’s a company with over 6000 employees and 21 development houses worldwide (pretty sure these figures have┬ádrastically changed) all focused on the mobile gaming space. That’s insane!

These guys have made A LOT of games including the likes of Asphalt, Real Football and a couple of other really good games that I’m gonna cover pretty soon.

I’ve played a few Gameloft games especially early on in production like Gangstar New Orleans and one common thread is that very early on, their games are extremely buggy i.e random shut downs, lots of lag etc.

One positive is though, is that I have yet to see that as PUNISHING as it could be e.g. Where like you lose one of your few and precious daily opportunities in modes due to a crash and the crash is due to a bug and is therefore NOT YOUR FAULT!!

The various Game Modes. Can be played solo or with a team

If you download Dead Rivals it will still be pretty glitchy guys. My biggest concern though is the massive amounts of lag. I have died once due to it… and have been taken to half health pretty often so it is considerable enough to ruin your gameplay a little bit. It is still a new game so I honestly don’t see this lasting for too long.

Other than that the game is good and heavily addictive. You get your movement on your bottom left and your attack and 4 skills in the bottom right of your mobile device (and even an auto play option).

Generally the game is a lot more ‘ready’ to be played long term.┬á The player ranking system is up, shelter upgrades, skill trees and crafting systems are all working perfectly fine and that’s very very good. Even better is that updates are coming in so you can rest assure that the problems are getting fixed guys.

The maps where the main quest and Dailies are played

In terms of the different characters you have a choice of three..a Brawler like a DPS tank, a Mercenary and a Specialist which both seem to be DPS….Pro tip guys: I have all three characters on different servers but do yourself a favour and go for the brawler they seem to be OP in my opinion, say what you will and others may differ but the Brawler is clearly the best CURRENTLY!

Pros and Cons

Dead rivals in my opinion is pretty good. I’ve only played it for about two weeks now but I can definitely say I’m still enjoying it, in fact it’s hard to put it down and move onto the next game

-It’s a simple game
-Various game modes
-Added features like player ranking are already working perfectly
-Gems (in game currency) is easy to come by without spending real money
-Multiple severs
-Bugs during gameplay don’t punish you
-Recently released

-Few characters to choose from
-Needs more main story content
-PvP isn’t tiered by level (level 24 upwards) so higher players steam roll you in the arena
-It’s not that beautiful to look at

Word on the streets

So in this portion we dive into what other reviews have said about the game, I’ll try my best to rotate authorities as frequently as possible:

Android market

In the market place, as of writing this, the game is at a steady 3.5 star rating and has been since I downloaded it 2 weeks ago.. guys no doubt this is because of the connectivity and bug related issues guys. However with 1 million downloads it does tell you something important, it’s at the very least worth a try.

Android police

These guys left quite a good review and covered more of the gameplay characteristics in Dead Rivals. In fact covered some stuff I might’ve left out guys. Their review was very factual and straightforward which will give you a good overview of the game. Hard to say what their rating was though but it’s worth checking out guys.

Final Judgement

Lets for a moment forget what the streets say. My final judgement…<drum roll>…this a GREAT mobile game with lots and lots of potential!
At the very least what I’m going to do is to stick with this one for the next couple of months to see where it goes (hold your breath for updates).

Playing a mode with mates. I foresee months of this…

I’m also not one to use money on in-game goodies but I’m a hundred percent sure that I will definitely be purchasing stuff to support the developers. It definitely needs to rise through the ranks in Gameloft so that we get better content in the future.

I’m going to give this one…


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