Welcome to Zuludroid!

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog site. I created this site out of a passion for mobile gaming and the really impressive strides and evolution it has undergone in the last decade. As a millennial I’ve been privileged enough to be alive at a time when our cellphones didn’t have the capability to run games all through to what it is today.

If I had one wish guys, it would be too see mobile gaming continue to improve, innovate and blow our minds.  I take it, that if you’re here you also want the same thing 😀 if this was a ” grant two-wishes” kinda Genie (I dunno if he / she rolls like that) I’d also wish that you be entertained and that the reviews here give memorable fun experiences that we can both share.

Anyways! let’s keep the intros short and sweet everyone.

Before we jump right into the reviews, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment below and also let me know what YOU would wish for the future of mobile gaming! And it could be anything guys i.e. what you like about mobile gaming now or like, what the developers haven’t thought about etc. Etc.

*Also feel free to drop a game that I should review or take a look at. I’m currently exclusive to Android right now guys but the idea is to get on the other platforms whenever the right opportunity arises😀

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