Heralded as thee mobile Massive Online Battle Arena (or MOBA for short). Vainglory was and still is at-least the top 2 MOBAs for your android. Hate it or love it, Super Evil Mega Corp (developers) have made a great game.

Anyone who has heard of or played League of Legends or Dota 2 knows exactly what a MOBA is. Its high octane action-packed addictive fun. For whatever reason, 9 out of 10 times you are on the team with thee worst players ever.

Vainglory is no different. I remember the first few months of getting this game, I couldn’t put it down. In fact this is the only game I forced my friends to get into (and will probably be the last for a long time).

The main menu

Prior to this I had played great titles like Ace of Arenas and Mobile Legends. Which I will also review here in the next coming weeks, but, Vain (as it’s affectionately called) is different. To me, it was a second chance at being a legend at a MOBA (after my addiction to League of Legends) and I wasn’t gonna let it go easily.


So for the benefit of those who don’t know. A MOBA is basically a battle arena with finite resources and you and your team fight the other team in the consumption of these resources to grow in power and crush the opposing team.

In my opinion a MOBA is like a good game of chess. There is so much to learn to be good at these games including teamwork, strategy, your individual skill, character skills, map awareness, decision making, planning, execution, etc. No wonder these types of games gain huge fan bases – Well at-least for the professional gamers playing it.

Playing as Ringo a ranged damage dealing champion

Vainglory started off with 3 different types of modes back in the day: 3v3, 3v3 ranked and a single lane style game mode for faster action. As it evolved and enough players complained, Super Evil Mega Corp eventually added various other modes such as blitz (a point style, timed 3v3) and the MOBA classic 5v5.

The game generally runs smoothly on most devices, I don’t ever recall running into obvious bugs like falling through maps or anything like that, I personally have never encountered or heard of MOBAs released with obvious glitches and bugs.

The game is an easy to use touch to move and cast style play which is what you would expect and your character has the 2 spells and ultimate setup, nothing new here.

What stands out for Vain is how beautiful it looks on your Android and how close to a fully fledged  PC  experience it is. This is a game you have to try whether you are a fan or not.

Pros and cons

Vainglory has been a game I unwittingly install on every device I get. Although I don’t play as much anymore it’s something that I’m still very hopeful about in its future.

-Looks good
-Updates have constantly been delivered including game modes, characters, skins
-Although it takes awhile the company listens to its player-base and makes improvements
-Professional teams have taken interest in the game also professional tournaments etc

-Lost its authenticity
-Because of the mobile nature It’s similar to MOBAs but not at the same time i.e operates in a gray area
-High learning curve

Word on the streets


This is a bit of an older review on Vainglory but is one that still remains relevant. IGN gave vain a pretty high score 8\10 which validates how good this game really is. In their article, they raised a good point on how much easier winning the matches is when your team is in the room with you.Side note: My friends and I absolutely dominated this way. This leads to another point as Vainglory doesn’t do team communication very well however I do believe voice chat is being implemented which will be very interesting.

The Medium

The guys down at the-medium similarly gave Vain a healthy 4/5 rating. Showing once again how good it really is. Key points taken from their review is how confusing the shopping system is and their various currencies that lie within: glory, crystals, gems and ice… indeed can be very confusing.


Despite the chatter on the streets this game is really good, I can’t see anyone convincing me that they’ve played mobile games without dabbling in Vainglory at some point.

Post-match rewards calculation

But due to the launch of 5v5 (and playing that) and the overall feel of the game leaving me STILL wanting.

I’ll give this title a solid…

p.s always ensure to check links in the URL section of your browser, stay safe guys 😉


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