Roblox has a really good community with a light hearted vibe

Game-ception. A game within a game… Games within a game… ROBLOX.

Sorry for the dramatic start guys. It’s a rainy very foggy, bright gray Monday today. I usually start writing the game reviews in the beginning of the week with the aim to release on Fridays.

This week though we review Roblox. It’s an odd name for a game but the name comes from a mix of the words: robot and blocks which is basically what the game actually is.

As you’ve guessed from my intro Roblox is a myriad of user created games and content, within a game. Your character is basically a Lego man or woman and they play and explore in various games created by other users in an online world type fashion.

Pokemon brick bronze is amazing

The great thing about this game is that the various games are actually high quality. Some are originals, some are ripoffs like Pokemon and some are mishmash of original content and already existing titles.


After you create a character you’re taken to your dashboard where you can search the games you want to enter. You can also find the store where you can buy your character clothing and other cool items to customise them.

I’ve primarily played Roblox on my android phone but Roblox can also be played on your PC, I believe PC is actually the best way of playing the game. Also, I’ve noticed that some in-game items simply don’t work on your mobile but would when playing on your PC.

I’ve spawned in, let the fun begin!

There’s so much to say on gameplay because of the number of games there are to spawn into. But. I can at least give you my top 3 in no particular order:
1. Zombie rush
2. Pokemon Brick Bronze
3. Any tycoon game

Roblox tycoon game

Pros and cons

-Keeps you entertained
-Highly addictive in the beginning
-It’s mindless no pressure fun
-Characters have a light hearted comical appearance (if you spend the Robux – the in-game currency)

-Games do begin lagging if there’s an overload on the server
-Some games are cheaper exact copies of others
-Some games aren’t completely finished and features don’t work (QA problem)
-Basic features aren’t always standard and it’s not clear whether they are or not
e.g. saving your progress isn’t standard in all the games

Word on the streets

Finding the word on the streets around this game was a little weird. Usually when I search for a game review it’s super easy to find something in the search results however this time, I encountered a lot of: ‘is Roblox safe for kids reviews’. This might be telling us Roblox is a kids game, but I mean that’s just ridiculous right 😀

Android guys

The android guys had a tough time reviewing the game and i can share some sympathy here. It is a tough one. Whilst some games are really good and addictive, the greatness is watered down by a plethora of really bad copies, meaning you have to (at times) wade through the noise for a good time. Personally, i think Roblox is a good time for kids as well as adults otherwise it wouldn’t be on this site!

Final judgment

So Roblox has kept me entertained in relatively short spurts. To me, it’s one of those really good backup games when I’m unsure what to play next. When I am playing, I’m usually fully hooked for a solid weekend but it’s never really captures me longer than 3 – 4 days.

Overall, I’ll give this game a…

To checkout the Roblox website see Roblox

p.s always ensure to check links in the URL section of your browser, stay safe guys 😉


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