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Winner winner..Chicken Dinner!

I have a confession, I missed the Fortnite train… also, seeing that I only started playing this game a week ago, I’d say I sort of missed this train too but even though I’m a little late with the PUBG review…

I’m glad I caught on!

Today we’re looking at PUBG guys. PUBG (Pronounced “Pub-Gee” or “Pee-You-Bee-Gee”by myself) is a really good game. I’d put it up there with Vainglory if I’m being honest. Really… REALLY good folks! and also worth a try.

At first I was apprehensive, I’m not a big fan of shooter action type games. I didn’t download this one of my own accord, it was suggested by a friend but boy am I glad I listened.


PUBG is a lot like Fortnite in that you basically parachute into a large arena and you have to shoot, punch and/or hit-with-a-pan your way to being the last man standing against 99 other players. It’s insane!

Swiggiy swooty…

As the game progresses and as you collect equipment from the floors in houses and other structures or players you’ve eliminated. The map begins to shrink by way of a massive blue sheet that eats at your health rapidly, if you’re not within the designated eye by the allocated time.

After grabbing some equipment

This amongst the minimal bloodshed, as its not a very gory title, keeps the game fast paced enough to not lose interest.

In PUBG you can play solo, as a duo (2 players) or a squad (team of 4) in a match but the goal remains the same.

Squad mode… i.e. team of 4, with other great players

Also there is a 1st person mode i.e like call of duty camera or the general 3rd person mode [where you can see your characters body].

Pros and cons

– Easy controls
– Connectivity was always good and smooth frame rate (up until the recent update)
– Cool concept to see implemented as a mobile game

– Battle arena so no storyline or real reason as to why you’re trying to kill 100 people
– A bit bland
– Full of bots
– Support is not good for issues
– Cashcow: Everything in the shop is real-money-based (I’ve played for 2 weeks and i still don’t know why i earn battle points??).

Word on the streets

PUBG has been extensively reviewed (I wrote this sentence first when I did this review) and boy wasn’t I right!

So polygon gave it 10/10. However the review itself certainly doesn’t match that rating. It starts off with bad points about the game spun into positives. The rest of the review gives the general positive points of any battleground genre game and not necessarily PUBG specifically. A very good review though and after playing the game myself I kinda get why its structured that way, if you also wanna get it I’ve explained it a bit more in the
“final judgement” section below.

GSM gave a very detailed review guys. It covered almost everything but unfortunately it did not give a final rating; however because it’s a much more recent review I believe it gave a very honest look at the game and weighed the pros and cons quite nicely. I do feel that with both reviewers, there’s an undertone of “a lot is wrong with the game, with no great future outlook, but its worth your time anyway” weird. But true.

Final Judgment

This is a weird one. Before I wrote the review I would’ve given this game the highest rating I’ve ever given a mobile game, a 9. But. After actually thinking about it, what does PUBG give you?

It’s a battle arena, yes. There are 100 people when you start, yes. However beyond that there’s nothing really innovative or fresh.

At least Fortnite is quirky with a personality, PUBG is… well PUBG, if you were describing the game to a video-game-interested-alien and couldn’t use it’s title… how would you set it apart?

“It’s a realistic shooter game where you kill players in a last man standing mode… it also has guns… and crouching… and other equipment?”

Missing the hype train served me well in this instance. If I were around during its launch my review would be completely different but here we are with what I feel is a more, down-to-earth review. Don’t get me wrong though, you still have to try it!

I’ll give this a confused…

To checkout the PUBG on their website see PUBG

Download it from the google store here

p.s always ensure to check links in the URL section of your browser, stay safe guys 😉

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