Privacy Policy

This was last updated 27 May 2018

Collection of Personal Information

You have a choice. Although you have a choice in how much Personal Information you submit on Zuludroid, choosing not to, does not equate to you losing out on any features or functions on this website however please be aware that Zuludroid does collect your Personal Information as we do partner with Third Party companies and use technology such as cookies.

What we collect

Currently we ask for and collect your username and email address. As you connect to this website there are also various uniquely identifying aspects of your computer such as IP address and its originating geographic location which are subsequently processed.

These categories of Personal Information we ask for are used to respond to your queries and suggestions via our contact form. Please note that Zuludroid will eventually collect and process,in conjunction with third parties, more categories of Personal Information in the future. Please ensure to check this page periodically as these categories will be laid out in easy to understand plain language in this Privacy Policy section.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Zuludroid may update this privacy policy from time to time. Please be sure to check this page regularly. All Privacy Policy changes will be posted on this page.

Any Questions in regard to privacy

For any further inquiries please contact me at:


Please also feel free to use the contact us page to reach me. Although the blog site page processes minimal information we welcome any request to view or modify your Personal Information. However, as per the incoming POPI legislation you will not be permitted to view or modify another data subjects Personal Information. Further note in order to verify requests to view or modify Personal Information, we reserve the authority to request further Personal Identifying information.