Terms and Conditions

This was last updated on 12 August 2018

Terms & Conditions

The below Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy form a contract with you and Zuludroid to which you are bound by when using this website.

We reserve the right to update or otherwise amend these Terms & Conditions together with the Privacy Policy. Please ensure that you take the time to review them as part of your obligation to abide by the contract. By continuing to use Zuludroid you agree to abide by these conditions and any update hereafter.

Be aware that these Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy are in effect from this date of publishing and also on the date of publishing any subsequent updates or modifications to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


The content material provided on Zuludroid is for general information use only. You should not rely solely on this information to make a decision for business or any other decision. The reviews aim to remain current however this may not always be possible as the content scales and the ability for games to rapidly change / improve through their respective development houses increases. Please supplement any decision you make with your own research and contacting the game developers or their representatives through your own means. Any reliance is placed at your own risk.

The views and opinions on the Zuludroid comment section are solely those of the original contributor. The views and opinions of the contributor do not necessarily represent those of the Zuludroid content author or other contributors in the comment section.

General terms of use

When using the comments section or Zuludroid. you agree you will not:

Violates any of the Terms and conditions

Spam the comments section or contact us page

Falsify information

post, upload or transmit any Abusive Content

Post, upload or transmit media that infringes intellectual property or contractual rights

Flame, harass, excessive copying and pasting of previous comments as well as posting repeatedly with the effect of harassing a user

Abuse the system or try to compromise its security using illegal or legal methods

Gather personal information for any purpose with the consent of the owner

use any automated or manual tools to monitor content and,

Encourage illegal activities

Comments Section

We provide a comments section in every post we publish to Zuludroid. This is to facilitate a way to chat / discuss the post published with other users on this platform.

You may not use the comments section for the purpose of advertising or marketing any business, product or service.

Content that you provide to the comments section enters an open, public forum, and is not confidential. Please be careful and aware that  when sharing any of your personal information that it enters a public spacing (including your username, name or email address) that may be collected and used to communicate to you.

It is not standard practice to monitor or moderate the comments sections. Please be aware that you use it at your own risk and indemnify Zuludroid against any liability, loss or damage resulting from using the comments section.

We however reserve the right to monitor or moderate the comments section at any time should we deem this necessary. If we are of the view that you are in breach of any of our Terms, we may, without notice to you: Remove any Content; or Stop or suspend your use of the comments section or any other service.

Escalation and further enquiries

For any further enquiries please contact me on the contact page or using the email address below: